In the Palm of Your Hand CD

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In the Palm of Your Hand is Allen’s first CD, featuring 11 tracks of easy listening ballads connecting faith to life.

Allen’s music reflects the struggle of a broken heart made whole, and invites fellow travellers to hope for a better future. It is a journey of healing, grace, purpose and hope – conveyed with the raw emotion that speaks heart to heart.



Track Listing:

  1. But I know
  2. On to the promises
  3. Palm of your hand
  4. Paint a picture
  5. Broken chain
  6. Wipe Every Tear
  7. Claws
  8. Take My Hand
  9. The Battle
  10. You Love Me
  11. Whoa

1 review for In the Palm of Your Hand CD

  1. Marcus Allan

    Great Album, awesome tracks. Favorite song is deffinently Take My Hand. It’s that good I ended up getting a second one for a friend! So good mate can’t wait for the next one, God Bless

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